It can be tricky to make a rental space feel like a home due to the rules and restrictions required by property owners. Here are some renter friendly decor ideas and tips to elevate your space with your personality while being able to keep your security deposit.

Bye Bye Blinds

An easy way to upgrade your space is switching out the rental blinds with curtains. Curtains are easy to tailor to your personality and design taste and are budget friendly. Great curtains will brighten your space and bring it together.

Love Your Lighting

Another easy way to make a big change is switching out the light bulbs and fixtures in your home. Whether you prefer a warm glow or a cool relaxing hue, or more ornate bulbs such as those with stained glass effects or color changing capabilities, new bulbs add personality to your space. Swapping out fixtures also changes the tone of your space. Adding task lighting or lamps can offset flush mount lights if you don’t want to change the fixture.

Hidden Quirks

Since structural changes can’t be made in a rental, you may find there are a few features that are a little less desirable. This is where the art of misdirection comes in. Maybe there is a radiator that you would like to draw attention away from; you can use a curtain as a distraction. Or, you can add a shelf on top and display photos or your favorite knick-knacks.

Layer It Up

Adding layers to your home such as rugs can add visual interest and character to a space while also working to separate different zones with a visual boundary.


Adding floating shelves can create a unique display in your home with decor pieces you can rotate out as you please without creating more holes in your wall.

Enhance Your Entryway

A mirror, a furniture piece with storage, as well as lighting can transform an entryway no matter how small. A bureau or trunk can serve as a drop-off point for keys or mail while also adding style and charm to the space. The entrance to your home sets the tone of your space, so personal touches like art or family photos will make it feel like your own.

Assess Artwork

A gallery wall is a great way to add your own style to an empty wall without paint. You can include pieces with a story such as artwork you’ve collected or made or favorite photos of loved ones.

Peel and Stick

Peel and stick tiles and wallpaper are a tried-and-true renter friendly alternative that can revamp a space. Adding peel and stick tiles to your bathroom or wallpaper with a creative print to your bedroom can create a whole new look that can be easily removed before a move.