“Thank you for your attentiveness! So far so good. All of the most urgent tasks have been addressed. The shutter reinstallation depends on a clear, calm day.

The owner has inspected the property thanks to Karen Berglund. The shed and glass door repair/replacements are planned soon.

I truly appreciate Noah’s Property Management. Of all the places I have rented around this country, Noah’s is definitely the best!”

Cynthia R.

“John Board and Sonny (A-Z) made my life considerably easier with their professionalism and concern during my nightmarish ordeal with Washington Gas. The story is too long to recount, but I was without gas from 3/11 to 3/14. Providing me with space heaters and finishing the shower repair quickly helped ease the burden.

These 2 people deserve to be congratulated for their efforts. You should be proud to have them on your staff.”

John G.
“Amanda and I just wanted to thank you for sending someone out to repair the A/C on Tuesday.  I know that our situation technically was not an emergency this past weekend, and we appreciate your sending someone to address it at your earliest opportunity.  Please extend our gratitude to your maintenance team as well.”

“I wanted to send you some feedback on Keith Jacobs who has helped to resolve several issues in our apartment. Keith was very professional and completed the job to a high quality. He is always on time, very helpful, thoughtful and pleasant on his visits. He’s careful and skilled at his work.

I am delighted by his work and appreciate the support he gives us. I have high confidence that all our issues will be resolved when he is sent out to us. I’m sure you agree he is an asset to your team. Thank you, Keith, and keep up the great work!”


“I would like to say that you have provided great service and also the repair team. I’m very happy.”

Dean D.

“I’m very impressed with everyone I have had contact with at Noahs’ and can’t thank you enough for making our transition to our rental home as easy as possible.”

Gail W.

“I just can’t say enough positive words about working with Jeff (maintenance), and I believe it’s important to write and let you know as it’s so easy to complain and people do so with ease and often.”

G. Willison

“We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for providing us a place to call home over the past 6 years.  We truly appreciate your help and service during those years.”

Ed and Nanna

“Thank you for the swift attention you gave to addressing our refrigerator issue. The new one is awesome and we didn’t lose much food at all as a result.”

Jourdain D.

“You guys are AWESOME!  I’m so impressed with your level of service and responsiveness.  Thank you.”

“We are LOVING our new home.  Absolutely loving it and feel so blessed to be here. Thank you for your amazing care.


“I would like to say, from the very first call made to Noah’s Preferred Properties was the “hook” that got us! Mr. Marc Noah was personable, professional, excited and willing to assist in getting a team member to assist our family with our relocating needs. This stands far above the norm! Mr. Noah could not have paired us with a more suitable representative—Vanessa. I have to agree with Noahs’ mission, and that is the Noahs’ team is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced and might I add very welcoming to their customers! ”

W and S Freemnan

“If we come back in the D.C. area, we will make our best to benefit from your services again.  Thank you for the cooperation over the last 3 years.”

Laurent V.

“I can’t tell you enough how terrible our last rental company/owners were, and how much it means to have you guys and great owners. It’s seriously like night and day. Thank you again for all you do!”

JD Reyes

“I want you to know how impressed I have been with your company over these years.  I’ve managed commercial properties and leased my own home before so have an idea about how complicated it can be.  You and your staff have been thoroughly professional, responsive and reasonable in every instance during my time renting through Noahs’.  I really appreciated that.  If I have property in the future in Montgomery County that I need someone to manage for me, Noahs’ will be my first call.”


“I wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service that Noahs’ repeatedly provides. On Tuesday morning we discovered that the microwave in our condo was not working. I emailed Jeff and literally within half an hour he emailed me back and told me that he had placed a work order. Within two hours, they called and scheduled an appointment. What excellent customer service! Jeff is incredible to work with. We are really enjoying living here.”

Gail W.

“It’s been a pleasure dealing with Noah’s Preferred Properties for the last 4 years. Jeff, Sonny and Ylitza have ALWAYS been completely responsive and on top of everything. And any of the service people who came were also terrific, competent, and wonderful to deal with.”


“My family rents one of the properties managed by Noahs’ in Ashton, MD. I just have to pass along great compliments concerning Yelitza’s dedication and work ethic. We have had some service and repair needs arise in the home, and Yelitza is so responsive and professional.”

Lynne G.

“The nearly four years from March 2011 when I was dealing with my divorce and had to move out of my house; to February 2015 when I’ve gotten my house back and moved back in, have been the most difficult and heartbreaking years of my life.

Having a pleasant place to serve out this exile has made a tremendous difference in my spirits.  Both the townhouses that Noah’s leased me were pleasant, bright, attractive places where my sons and I could do our best to weather these years.

Working with Noahs’ has been a joy. I just loved how the entire Noahs’ team, including Marc Noah, John Board, and Jeff Cameron, were so responsive whenever a maintenance item came up.”


“I’m very impressed with everyone I have had contact with at Noahs’ and can’t thank you enough for making our transition to our rental home as easy as possible.”

Gail W.

“Big thanks to you and everyone at Noah for making owning rental property so easy!”


“I have been a tenant of a Noah’s managed property for 3 1/2 years…and love the house and the location. Any time I have to contact Jeff for something in the house that needs attention, he responds to me, nearly instantly and handles the issues the same way.  He and I actually have a little game going, I told him I nearly wrote at 3am and he replied that he would have answered right away then too.

Just wanted to let you know what excellent service Jeff provides.  You couldn’t find anyone to represent your company better than him.”

Bev N.

Dear Noah’s property managers,

My husband told me that someone came today to check our furnace and heat status. Thank you so much for your care, concern and staying on top of things during this very cold weather.   We really appreciate the wonderful management by Noah’s Properties.

Have a prosperous and happy New Year!”


Cynthia & John Ricard, 3 Circuit Court Gaithersburg MD 20878