A New Home for a New Year

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time, but finding the best rental can be a challenging task.  With the right preparation, you can take significant steps towards finding your new home.  Here are some things to take into consideration before you sign a lease.

Determine Costs

There are upfront and long-term costs to take into consideration before signing a lease on a new home.  Some upfront expenses include application fees, a security deposit, and a pet deposit if necessary.  Budgeting a few months’ rent in the bank will give you flexibility when it comes to deposits.  Long-term costs such as monthly rent, electricity and water bills, and daily expenses should be considered prior to searching for new home rentals. Being confident about your budget will aid you in your housing search.

A New Home for a New Year

Amenities in Your New Home

Searching for a new home is far easier when you know what you’re looking for.  Make a list of amenities you need, both in and out of the rental.  Is the number of bathrooms a deal breaker?  How far would you like to commute for work?  If looking for an apartment, do need an elevator? Listing your needs will help narrow down the field of potential rentals while keeping you on track in your search.  If you are planning on moving to new area, you may consider visiting at different times to ensure it is what you expected.

Prepare Documents

Having the appropriate documents prepared before applying for a rental will speed up the process. Most landlords will require an application to make sure monthly rent can be met.  A renter’s resume should include information which will prove to the landlord that you would be a trustworthy tenant. Verification of your identity, personal references, employment and bank statements may be required.  If you have rented previously, including the phone numbers of past landlords can be valuable.

Know What’s Included with Your New Home

Ask your landlord about the average price of utilities in the rental to avoid any unexpected costs on your bills.  Knowing whether the rent includes aspects such as heating, electricity, or cable will aid you in long-term budgeting. 

Read Before Signing

Be sure to read through the rules and regulations of your property before you sign the lease.  Information such as the beginning and expiration date of the contract should be included, as well as what responsibilities fall on the landlord or the renter.  Ask questions if you are uncertain about any aspect of the contract.

Although looking for a rental property can be daunting at times, there are resources to utilize in your search.  As the leading Property Management Company in Montgomery County, MD, Noahs’ has valuable experience with renters and property managers alike.  We invite you to contact us today to help you with your property rental search!