Decorating Your Rental for the Holidays

There are plenty of ways of decorating your rental to make your home feel festive for the season, even if your holiday décor options may seem limited by a lack of space or rental guidelines.  Here are a few ways to spruce up your rental – without losing your safety deposit.

Scents of the Season

Incorporating the scents of the season into your home can easily create a cozy atmosphere – no décor required.  Take inspiration from holiday baking with smells such as cinnamon, peppermint, or orange and clove. If you are looking to bring the outdoors into your home when decorating your rental, invest in evergreen scents. Place a diffuser in an open area of the house as a safe alternative to burning candles.

Decorating Your Rental Home

Change Up Everyday Décor

Small touches can make a big impact; if you are short on space for decorations, consider swapping out your day-to-day décor with more festive alternatives.  Changing textiles such as throw pillows, blankets, and towels with more seasonally appropriate options can easily transform the feel of a space.  Look for areas of your home where décor would be most effective, such as a living room or entryway. Utilizing tablespace by creating a festive centerpiece is another way to save space.

Go Faux

It is important to check with your landlord when decorating your rental before bringing live Christmas trees and greenery into your home.  Not only can they potentially damage the rental space – combined with lights, they become a serious fire hazard.  If your rental doesn’t allow live trees, consider investing in a faux option.

Utilize Wall Space When Decorating Your Rental

Decorating your walls can save space and add interest in any room.  Consider draping lights or garlands around high areas, such as a fireplace mantel or cabinets, to brighten up a space without damaging the walls.  Décor that requires hooks should be hung by non-permanent devices such as 3M hooks.  Utilizing the walls of your home will save valuable floor space, which is especially beneficial during holiday gatherings.

Decorate Outdoors

Make a warm and welcoming first impression by decorating outdoors.  With more open space to work with, the exterior of your rental is the perfect place for décor.  Feel free to be bold with colors and patterns when decorating outdoors, as they will not be overwhelming.  Lights are a popular choice for the winter; check in with your landlord beforehand to ensure your rental policy allows them.  Details as simple as a door wreath or welcome mat can make a festive statement when decorating your rental.

For more tips on decorating your rental for the holidays, see Holiday Decorating in a Rental Home.