How to Create a Home Office in your Rental Property

A long-lasting impact of the pandemic has been the enduring reality of remote work. However, working from home in a rental property can be a little trickier when trying to establish a productive yet comfortable set-up. Whether your property already has a home office space or you have just been working in a corner of your dining room, these tips will help you to create an office space that works for you.

Choosing a Space for Your Home Office

Choosing the right home office space in your rental property is the most important step in creating a working environment that caters to you. Try to find the quietest room or spot in your apartment to set-up your office, such as an infrequently used dining area. In some rental properties space may be limited so getting creative is necessary. Look for nooks and crannies such as under stairs or even smaller spaces like an unused closet that will still function. If you have a spare bedroom consider transforming it into a workspace for better privacy.

Home Office Space

Work Surface

Having a flat surface where you are able to work comfortably will increase efficiency and make your work-life easier. It can be as simple as stretching a piece of wood, or even an unused door over two filing cabinets. Or as complex as a built-in custom desk. Having a space dedicated to doing work, where your important files won’t get lost, and you can get comfortable is essential in a work from home environment or home office.

Comfort is Key

You are better able to tap into your workflow once you are comfortable. Make sure your surface space has enough room to prevent clutter and to stay organized which will help increase comfort as well as productivity. Invest in a good office chair that is supportive due to the amount of time you will spend in it. Consider the ergonomics and try a swivel chair for its adjustability and lumbar support. If your office is in a common area of your home, try something that matches the furniture in the rest of the room. If your desk is taller, consider a standing desk and get or repurpose a cushy kitchen mat to stand on.

Light Up your Home Office Space

Finding the right lighting is also incredibly important to reduce eye strain and to boost creativity and feel more ready for the day. Make sure your home office has plenty of natural light, by facing it towards a window. Or if you don’t have window access opt for a natural light lamp but make sure your lighting blends with the natural light in the room to protect against glare and create the right ambience. You can also soften harsher lighting with a lampshade or try hanging your lamps such as pendant lighting to soften light and lessen space.

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