Spring brings extra daylight and an abundance of sunshine, and windows that can finally be opened. It is the perfect time to get a fresh start on cleaning and maintenance, especially in outdoor spaces in preparation for summer. While it might seem daunting, with the right planning it doesn’t have to be. Proactive upkeep of property can help to keep costs down. Here is a look at important maintenance work that should be done, including cleaning, replacement, and repair tips to get your rental property in order for both current and potential tenants.

Focus #1: Yard Maintenance and Exterior Management

Spring is a good time to focus on the exterior of the property. Inspect the roof for water stains, cracks, or the settling of foundation walls. Look for curled or missing shingles and roof flashing. It’s also a good idea to tackle landscaping. If you have a sprinkler system, make sure that it is up and running. Reseeding grass patches, planting flowers, or trimming hedges are great ways to get your exterior looking fresh and increase curb appeal.

Focus #2: Windows, Screens, and Doors

Sparkly windows make a great first impression, but you should clean more than just your windows. Remove the screens entirely from the window to make the process easier, and spray them down with a hose and clean with the same soapy water mixture used on the windows. Screen, glass, and front doors will also benefit from a little elbow grease. This is the time to check the seals on the windows and doors to prevent water intrusion and future damage – and to keep energy costs lower.

Focus #3: HVAC and Detectors

It’s recommended to swap out the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors near Daylight Savings Time and to test to make sure they are working properly. A working HVAC is a necessity for the sweltering summer months, so take advantage of the temperate spring season before appointments are hard to come by. Systems should be professionally serviced once a year and filters should be replaced once a month.

Focus #4: Unclog your space

Make sure that your gutters are cleared out from leaves, small sticks, or branches that accumulate during the winter months. A gutter full of debris can cause a leaky roof or water damage. Remember to fix and connect gutters that have become detached. Don’t forget your indoor drains – A drain snake can help to make sure your sinks and bathtubs are draining properly as well as a ½ to 1 ratio of baking soda and vinegar washed down with boiling water.

Focus #5: Fans, Fixtures, and Vents

Similar to gutters, vents can become a catch-all for debris, and while you can clean vents by hand, it is much easier with a hand-held vacuum. Using a stepladder can also help to get into

hard-to-reach places. Don’t forget to wipe down fan blades before they swirl the room with dust and grime. Using a garbage bag to cover the fan blade can help to reduce fallout during the cleaning process. Your trusty multi-purpose spray on light fixtures and other common areas for dust to settle works wonders.

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