How to Prepare Your Rental Home for Summer

Longer days and warmer weather mean that it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your rental home for summer. Summer is the peak time for rental properties as many leases are expiring, new graduates are moving, and tenants are looking for new homes. Keep reading for six tips on how to best prepare your rental home for summer to make sure your property and your tenants are comfortable and safe.

1. Service your air conditioning unit

Making sure you have a functioning air conditioning unit is incredibly important in the heat of summer. Poorly maintained air conditioning systems decrease efficiency, leading to higher utility bills. You can replace your HVAC air filter, as it gets more use throughout the summer months. Beyond that, it is necessary to have the unit inspected by a professional to ensure there aren’t any problems.

2. Check the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

As the air conditioning units get more use during summer months, so do fans and other cooling appliances that could potentially increase the risk of fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. In order to prevent any possible issues that might occur, make sure that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operational before summertime arrives. (Of course, this maintenance should also be done year-round as, if not, the result could be disastrous and fatal!)

3. Tend to windows

It’s important to protect your windows during the summer months as improperly sealed windows can let the cooled air seep out, and unwanted pests sneak in. Allowing cool air to escape outside will only raise the electric bill. Clean your windows to prepare for summer months to help brighten the home and allow for more cool breezes.

4. Landscaping and outdoor spaces

If your rental property has an outdoor space, make sure that it’s ready for summer as these areas get way more use during the summertime. The yard should be properly mowed and maintained, any overgrown bushes and trees should be trimmed, and outdoor furniture should be clean.

5. Check appliances and amenities

Checking appliances that might cause possible fire hazards, or high energy usage is beneficial during these warmer months. Clean your refrigerator coils which can create high energy usage if they haven't been cleaned in a while. Check on your dryer vents to prevent fires and help your dryer run more efficiently. Also, if your rental property has a grill - making sure to give it a good wash down before tenants use it can help prevent accidental fires or damages.

6. Shade galore

Lastly, creating as much shade as possible around your rental property will really help during the summer heat. Install exterior window coverings such as awnings or screen shades. Or practice smart landscaping and strategically plant shade heavy trees near windows. One of the easiest ways to create shade is by adding outdoor umbrellas or shade sails to help make your tenants comfortable.

Follow these tips to help prepare your rental home for summer by improving the comfort and happiness of your renters as well as protecting your investment in the property.